Friday, November 6, 2009

Homemade and Homeraised in Bossier Parish

World War II food rationing booklet from the Mary Wheeler Corley Collection, 2003.026.047B
Come see our exhibit on food in Bossier Parish, 1910's - 1960's at the Plain Dealing branch library

Bread - Mrs. Lillie Rose Roberson Matlock of the Plain Dealing area went through about three 50 lb. sacks of flour a week, making biscuits and bread for her large family. It seems all local food memories involve biscuits – biscuits and syrup for breakfast, biscuits and a slice of meat for lunch and giant “cat head” biscuits made an impression, too. Corn bread was also common. “Light bread” (typically store-bought bread such as Wonder Bread) was not. It was a treat, saved in Martha Southerland Humphrey’s household for company only. Coffee, sugar and flour were the universal staples you bought at the store, but maybe you could trade some eggs for some light bread, like the James F. Strayhan family did.

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