Monday, September 27, 2010

RELIC Program "Where is North Louisiana?" Concludes

The "Where is North Louisiana" RELIC Program concluded Thursday 23 September with a discussion of Louisiana Power and Light, by John Dufresne. Overall, this book was the least favorite of the four titles that we read for the program. The other books we read were Shreveport Sounds in Black and White; Swaggart, The Unauthorized Biography of an American Evangelist and On My Way, The Arts of Sarah Albritton. Dr. Cheryl White from LSUS led our discussions. She was knowledgeable about the subjects and often presented them with humor. While North Louisiana may often be ignored as being a viable part of our state, with her direction, we re-established our remarkable history and our position of importance in Louisiana's history. Attendance at all 6 meetings was very good and we look forward to the possibility of another Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities RELIC program in the Spring of 2011.

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