Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lorain Cooking

We have a small cookbook from 1930 in our collection entitled "Lorain Cooking". The cover shows a simple red wheel, which was a revolutionary tool for the kitchen that we take for granted today. The Lorain Oven Heat Regulator with its signature Red Wheel allowed cooks to maintain a constant temperature inside the oven during any baking period. The wheel is marked at intervals of 50 degrees Fahrenheit. After setting the Red Wheel, the flow of gas is automatically reduced when the oven registers the desired temperature. Can you imagine what baking would have been like prior to the introduction of the Lorain Oven? The Red Wheel eliminated the burning of food (except for in the case of chef error!) and assured uniform results each time a recipe was cooked. The thermostat control freed cooks from watching the food as it baked.

Here are some recipes from the Lorain Cooking book.

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