Monday, February 8, 2016

Black History Month Exhibits

Have you seen our newest exhibits at the Historical Center yet? We are featuring Princeton High School in our front exhibit case and Redmond Spikes School at a table near our Caddo diorama display. 

The History Center is looking to expand our collection of Bossier's "Big 5" schools - Princeton High School, Carrie Martin High School, Charlotte Mitchell High School, Redmond Spikes School, and C.H. Irion High School. These schools were black only schools prior to integration in Bossier Parish. If you have photographs, yearbooks, diplomas, sports uniforms, or other memorabilia, please consider donating to the History Center. We can also scan photos, letting you keep your originals and adding the scanned copies to our collection.

This wonderful photo of the 1954 Princeton girls' basketball team is on display. The ladies are wearing their choir uniforms - they had athletic shorts to wear on the court!

Thanks to Rev. Donald W. Rushing for loaning this photograph!

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