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The August 26, 1859 issue of the Bossier Banner featured an article about the establishment of Red Land Seminary.

“Mr. Editor:--At a meeting of the Board of Trustees for the Red Land Seminary, held on yesterday, the following preamble and resolutions were read, adopted and ordered to be published in the Bossier Banner:”

“Whereas, we, the Trustees for Red Land Seminary, Bossier Parish La., have viewed with pleasure and perfect satisfaction, the examination of the students in their various branches of study, and being sensibly convinced that their progress has been very rapid through the past term, during which they have been under the care and guidance of Mr. T.W. Abney.”

“Resolved, that the thanks of this Board be tendered to Mr. Abney for the very able, judicious and indefatigable manner in which he has discharged his laborious duties during the term, and also for the thorough and practical course which he had adopted in system of education.”

“Resolved, that the very ready manner in which the students have acquitted themselves today, is a striking and significant testimonial of his capacity as teacher and his powers of impartation.”

“Resolved, that we heartily approve of his course as a teacher, and sincerely desire him to remain in connection with the school.”

“Resolved, that the thanks of the Board, be tendered to the managers of the barbecue, and especially to the fair ladies who contributed their quantities of sweet-meats.”

“Resolved, that this Academy, situated as it is in a high and healthy region of country, watered by never failing springs, surrounded by noble heart citizens, who are determined to and will have a school, and having large and comfortable buildings for the accommodation of students, we take pleasure in recommending it to the favorable consideration of all who feel an interest in the cause of home education.”

Signees were S.A. Boggs, Pres., R.E. Wyche, B.H. Nelson, J.J. Scott, Augustus Martin, Martin Martin, John Campbell and John G. Allen, Sec.

There’s more about the Red Land Seminary at the Bossier Parish Libraries History Center. Visit us soon to find out.

By: Ann Middleton

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