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This Month in Bossier Parish History

September: Though Out The Years

Sept. 18, 1906: The first “Bossier Parish Annual Fair” was held in Plain Dealing

Program for the "First Annual Bossier Parish Fair"  1906
Leon Sanders Collection

Sept. 20, 1940: Bossier Parish opened a new library in Benton.   

Bossier Parish Library. Original building. 
1950s.The Benton library opened 
in 1940, serving as the main
Bossier Parish Library
headquarters which was the 
old post office
0000.001.009 Bossier Parish library collection

The Shreveport Times: Sept. 20, 1940
The Bossier Parish Library System was first
discussed by the PTA of Bossier High School
in 1940.The Bossier Parish Police Jury approved 
the formation of the Library on a “demonstration”
basis. The first branches were located in Bossier City, 
Haughton, Plain Dealing and the parish seat, Benton
 as well as with a bookmobile and other equipment. 



c.1966. In 1959,the Benton library moved 
from its original building to more modern 
quarters down the street.  
2017.028.043   Bossier Library

The First bookmobile for the 
Louisiana State Library Commission, service 
began in 1940  through 1968, and served as a 
supplement bringing books into the
 rural areas of our community 
0000.011.010B     Emma Pattillon

Bossier City Bossier Central)Library.
One of the original three 
Bossier Parish Library branches,
opened in 1941 in the old City Hall 
building located at 503 Barksdale Blvd.
0000.005.013  unknown collection

             Henry L. Aulds Memorial Library. 1975
             Bossier City donated a tract of land in the 
             Shady Grove subdivision in 1970 for a new
             branch library and was named in honor of 
             Henry L. Aulds, Jr., a former Bossier Parish 
             Police Juror 
             2012.045.009 Bossier Parish library


The Koran Station branch, was originally a 
grounded State Library bookmobile and 
opened in 1977 on land that was provided 
by Bossier Rural Electric Corporation.
The bookmobile was operated from 1957
to Nov. 1967 when it broke down. 
The driver was Mrs. G. Nicewarner. 
1997.037.004   Bossier Library Collection
Koran Library (now Tooke)A mobile building replaced
the bookmobile in 1987. In 2012, land was donated 
to the Library by the grandchildrenof Anna P. Tooke, 
where the "Tooke" branch is now located  
1997.032.001  Bossier Parish Library Historical Collection

Sept.22, 1932:  Bids for the Barksdale Field hospital  

Bids for the construction of the hospital
were underway, supplies were already 
arriving and held in temporary quarters
until the hospital was complete.

Clearing land for the Barksdale Field Hospital
2011.053.001  Phillip and Vickie Hardin Collection


Sept. 23, 1920: First female registered to vote in Bossier Parish

Mary Bixler and 
son John Bixler
Mary Wheeler Corley Collection

Bossier Banner: Sept. 23, 1920
After the 19th amendment, 
Mrs. Mary Kate Bixler was the first woman
to register to vote in Bossier Parish .

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