Wednesday, October 17, 2018


The October 18, 1946 issue of The Plain Dealing Progress announced that three brick buildings in Plain Dealing were nearing completion and that others would follow soon.

“The first chapter of Plain Dealing‘s greatest building surge is soon to become history as the final touches are being added to three very essential structures, those of Gleason and Spears’ Ford Plant, Dr. Scott Coyle, medical clinic and Dr. G.S. Acton, dental clinic. The former two are located at the juncture of Palmetto Avenue and Highway Ten, while the latter is situated on Lynch Street in mid downtown.”

“Considering the dearth of materials that has plagued the contractors, H.G. Hodges, B.J. Purcell and Henry Grall, very gratifying progress has been made and the buildings will indeed be a credit to our growing town.”

“With this opening chapter of Plain Dealing’s new growth relegated to the past, the setting of a new and possibly greater chapter seems clearly in the making. With the big Bolinger lumber plant and yards in south Plain Dealing soon to break ground and plans for the greatly expanded soap factory on the opposite flank taking shape, also, residential section soon to be started by J.B. Turnley and W.H. Lester and possibly subdivisions opened up on the Kelly and Peyton estate in east Plain Dealing, all should find themselves in a most optimistic mood concerning the near future of this North Bossier city.”

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Mary Wheeler Corley Collection; 2003.026.041E

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