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This Month In Bossier Parish History

January: Through the years!

Jan. 1, 2019:  Happy New Year!  Businesses from around Bossier Parish wishing the community a Happy New Year!

First State Bank and Trust Co.
Bossier Banner: Jan. 2, 1964

First State Bank and Trust Co.
Palmetto Ave. Plain Dealing Louisiana
Louisiana Cafe
1997.062.319    Bryce Turnley Collection    

First State Bank  and Trust Co. in Plain Dealing Louisiana. Mr. Doles , illegible name, and Mary Helen
1999.143.009      Kay Crochet Collection

1997.062.190    Bryce Turnley collection

S&S Grocery 
Bossier Banner: 
Jan.2, 1964

East Cotton Belt street (north of Palmetto Street) in Plain Dealing.  View of the fronts of stores on E. Cotton Belt Street. Walker Bros (on far right), S & S Grocery, Bill's Dollar Store. 

Walker Bothers Drug
Bossier Banner: Jan.2, 1964 

Building Walker Bros. Drug store in Plain Dealing, La. 1914
Corner of East Palmetto Ave. and North Cotton Belt St.
1997.062.008     Bryce Turnley Collection

Walker Bro. Drug Plain Dealing, Louisiana
1997.062.323  Bryce Turnley Collection

Jan.11, 1973: Snow storm hits Bossier Parish!

Bossier Banner: Jan.11, 1973
 1910’s Plain Dealing street:Building on the left is the Plain Dealing Co-operating Farmers Union Warehouse. On the right is the Masonic Lodge. Looking west on Mary Lee Street (Hwy 2)
Building on right - Masonic Lodge (Masons met on top floor)First floor: R.H. Allen, Justice of Peace - Plain Dealing Telephone business office, J.M. Madden - tax assessor - J. T. Manry print shop. 1997.062.049  Bryce Turnley Collection

"Benton Esso Service, Scarboro's, Cypress Lodge Hall #89.  Dated 1-17-40"     Snow on the ground.
0000.001.023  Bossier Parish Library Collection

1900-1910’s unknown location
0000.004.026 Scanland Collection

1900-1910’s Bennett Johnston 0000.004.061 Scanland Collection

Aerial photo of Plain Dealing, taken in the 1940s. Unusual appearance of these photos caused by them being taken during a snow storm. shows the depot and railroad yard, Lynch Street with stores, the Methodist Church, and in the far left, the school.
1997.062.181     Bryce Turnley Collection 

Jan.14, 1915: Traffic Street Bridge (a.k.a. Red River Bridge)was completed and opened to the public on Jan. 12, 1915 Red River Bridge, also known as the Traffic Street Bridge.The bridge, built as a joint effort  by the city of Shreveport and the Bossier Parish Police Jury, was torn down in the 1960s after Interstate 20 through Shreveport and Bossier was completed.  It was constructed with a "turn gate" to allow boats on the Red River to pass.

0000.001.051    Bossier Library Collection        

Pictured here is the dedication of the old Traffic Street Bridge across Red River, January 15, 1915 (Bridge opened to traffic January 8, 1915 (Bossier Banner, January 14, 1915, 3b). The Bridge was built as a joint effort by the City of Shreveport and the Bossier Parish Police Jury at a cost of $350,000. It was the first bridge across the Red River built exclusively for vehicular traffic - thus its name.  The bridge connected Lake Street on the Shreveport side to Barksdale Boulevard on the Bossier City side. The bridge was a toll bridge, with a charge for five cents for pedestrians and 25 cents for automobiles and horse-drawn buggies. Confederate veterans were exempted from the toll. Streetcar lines were installed in the 1920s and tolls ended. The bridge was torn down 30 Jul 1968 after the completion of Interstate 20 through Shreveport and Bossier. Left to right are the following, listed by number from the left: 1. J.G. McDade, Bossier Parish Police Jury; 2. Robert Whittington, Bossier Parish Police Jury; 3. Nat Stewart, Bossier Parish Police Jury; 6. J.T. McDade, president of Bossier Parish Police Jury; 7. J.C. Logan; 11. Claude Rives, Shreveport accountant and ex-councilman; 12. Mr. Ward; 15. Samuel Augustus Dickson - Shreveport mayor (light coat); 16. Lewell C. Butler, Shreveport City Council; 17 George Thurber, Shreveport City Council; and 18 George Wilson, Shreveport City Council. The rest are unknown.

Jan.19, 1961: Hundreds attended the dedication for the Shed Road Marker.  

2006.034.035 Neil Young collection

The Times: Apr 23, 1967

 Bossier Banner: Jan.19, 1961

From 1870’s to 1880’s,  Bossier Parish had the only known roof-covered dirt-floored roadway in America. It ran from the Red Chute hills to north of Bossier City, about 9 miles. In 1961, this maker was dedicated to commemorate that road and its contribution to the area. Boyd Montgomery and Volney Voss Whittington perform the ceremony. Boyed represented the Bossier Parish Police Jury and V.V. Whittington was a state representative from Bossier Parish.

Jan.25, 1973: The Race Track's name changed from Swayer Downs to Louisiana Downs. 

Bossier Banner: Jan.25, 1973

1975 Grand Stand of Louisiana Downs.
Bossier Chamber Of Commerce Collection



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