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"Ten Acre Earth Drop Near Dogwood Drive"

The February 19, 1959 issue of the Bossier Banner-Progress related an unusual occurrence near Dogwood Drive.

“On an early June morning last year just before day, a peculiar rumbling noise was heard by two residents who live about a mile from Gilmer Park, the center of the now famous Dogwood Drive, northwest of Plain Dealing.  According to these informants, Walter and Modie Ford, it sounded similar to an airplane crash in thick woods or underneath dynamite detonation.”

“A few days later while Walter was walking over the area, he noticed a big break in the red sub soil on the hill just north of Gilmer Park.  Upon close examination, he found that there had been a 5 to 50 foot drop of about ten acres stretching along a semi-circle about one quarter mile.  This discovery settled his mind about the peculiar noise and he evidently thought little more about it and dismissed it from his mind.  Others have noticed it, but said nothing.”

“About ten days ago Walter mentioned it to the writer who immediately made an examination of the phenomenon and found it to be an awe inspiring physiographical spectacle.”

“Since then many have already looked at it in wonder.  It can be seen near the fire tower, congregating points on the dogwood trail, a dim road leading to the left of the tower to it.”

“In talking with J.D. McKellar, Jr., an interested geological authority, who in company with his wife and two fine boys, George and John, and Mr. and Mrs. F.D. McKellar, were exploring the area, it was learned that this particular phenomenon was known as diastrophism, earth sinking, and that this was evidently a recurrence of earth shaping actions that had eaten out a vacuum space below, the sinking 

“As the spectacular sight now exists, it is a definite danger point, especially to children and until the parish safety authorities set up some safe guards, children should not accompany on-lookers.”

“This strange sight in no ways threatens the dogwood drive route, but rather enhances it.  In fact there is a pretty dogwood view opening up here and no doubt many hundreds will be attracted to the annual pilgrimage as a result of this added attraction.”
Postcard: Sylvan Scene in Lovers Lane on famous Dogwood Drive, Plain Dealing, Louisiana
Flo Whittington Bigby Price collection: 1998.046.117

To find out more about Dogwood Drive and other attractions in Bossier Parish visit the Bossier Parish Libraries History Center.

By: Ann Middleton

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