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This Month In Bossier Parish History

May: Thought the years

May 3, 1938:  A meeting was held to form a Loins Club in Benton. The appointed officers          for the Lions Club until  July, when the Lions fiscal year begins , will be: A.M. Wallace,            T.A. Tidwell, and Ford E. Stinson. May 5, 1938:  The Bossier Banner
    *Please enjoy various photos and artifacts from the Lions Club though out Bossier Parish.
The Plain Dealing Press: May 5, 1935
C.. 1950’s  Minstrel Committee - Lions Club. Back row: H.L. Fuller, Willie White, H.O. Coffey. Front row: Darrell George, Ira Harbuck, B.E. McCranie, J.L. Cathey, Jr.
2016.019.014  City of Bossier City Collection

 Bossier City Lions Club members competed for various awards given by the KWKH radio statio. They are from left to right, Paul Dyson, Hop Fuller, Ira Harbuck, and Jack Dyer. In many way the early Lions Club promoted business and social changes in Bossier City.
2006.034.012-1 Neill Yarborough Collection

C. 1950’sOriginal photograph of a Lions Club gathering. 8 men are seated a table, while 7 other men stand behind them. A Lions gong is in the center of the table. In pencil on reverse, " President, Officers & Directors Lions". No names are given.
2016.019.005  City of Bossier City Collection

C.1942 After winning against Fair Park High School: 39 to 0, the Bossier Lions Club took the team (Bearkats) and their dates. To Columbia Café in S'port for a late after game dinner.    1999.064.029  Billy Davidson Collection
Membership Certificate for Lions Club (T.A. Tidwell)
2002.035.053 Paul McKim Collection

Top Left: Pin. 1981. Louisiana Lions Club district 8, Phoenix. 2000.022.023. Top Right: Pin. 1988. Louisiana Lions Club district 8, Denver, Colorado 2000.022.020.  Bottom Left: Pin. 1989. Louisiana Lions Club district 8, Miami. 2000.022.019.  RightPin. Louisiana Lions Club. 1977 International, New Orleans, LA. 2000.022.014

May 12, 2019:
Happy Mother's Day!!
C.1900’s Huey Lee and his mother, Margery Brittentine Lee and my great-great uncle Huey Lee..  Mr. Huey Lee was the grand-father of Bossier Parish Library Reference. Librarian Adrian Lee of Plain Dealing.   1997.110.001  Adrian Lee Collection
C.1800’s Mary Clark Hughes was the daughter of Daniel Clark and Malinda Martin Clark. She maried William Josiah Hughes on September 26, 1866. For years they lived in Rocky Mount where she became the mother of William C. Hughes, John F. Hughes, James A. Hughes, and Belle Hughes. She died two years after her husband, in 1923. their first home still stands and is now a museum to early Bossier residents.
 Jennie Lee Gleason and baby Audrey.  Handwritten on back of photo, "1914 - picture made. Date of Birth Oct. 24, 1913.      1999.163.009   Audrey Davis Collection

C.1900-1910’s "Uncle Sam and Aunt Cassie with their adopted children." Bossier adoption records reveal that Sam and Cassandra Ealy [or Eley] adopted a child  named Lee on December 11, 1905. Cassandra Ealy is buried in the Bellevue Cemetery. Sam's last known residence was Texarkana. Aunt Cassie and Sam with adopted children.  Sam and Cassy Ealy appear in the 1900 US Census for Bossier Parish.
0000.004.009 Scanland Collection

C.1940’s Marie Heath with her sisters, mother, and aunt. Left: Bennie Lee Heath Ribb; mama [Elizabeth Rebecca "Ida" Stroud Heath]; Laura May Heath; Maxine [this is Marie's aunt, must be on mother's side. All paternal aunts would have passed away by the time of this photo]; Neola Elizabeth Heath - far right: Marie
2003.009.010   Thelma Strayhan Brando Collection
1960-1970; Unidentified family photo
0000.014.011   Pearl Rials Collection

May 18, 2019:
 Congratulations Class of 2019!
Graduation/Commencement  ceremonies  are celebrated in May through out the Parish. Please enjoy the photos of fellow classmates  from various  years and schools.

Class of 1925: Plain Dealing High School Graduation Photograph.  Students hold a banner reading "Class Twenty-Five PDHS".
1998.055.003  Virginia Crawford Collection

Class of 1932: Bossier City High School graduating students
L.G. Smith, Neil Yarborough, Kenneth Fargurson, Reeves Norris, J.R. Key, John Givens, James O’Da___, Ceicli Am___, Bab C___, Willie Smith, J___ Humphery, ___ Mae Green, ___ Chandler, Katherine Mares,  Maurice Miller, Maxine Hooke, Morgan Freeman, Helen Norris, Mary Pullen, Mary E. Smith, Justine Hoyer, Helen Parham, ___ Bishop, ___ Killinger, ?, ?
Due to the condition of list, some names and or surnames are illegible.  Order of names compare to student placement is not noted. 
2017.013.002 Nancy Day Collection

Class of 1933:  Benton Graduating class. Members from left to right are (bottom row) Marjorie Jones, unknown, and Bobby Montgomery; (middle row) Harry Johnson (14 years old also valedictorian) Kate Stafford Johnson, unknown, unknown, and Gennie ? Taylor; (top row) unknown, unknown, Sydney Adger, and James Brice.

Class of 1942: Elm Grove High Graduating Class
1999.104.006  Rev. Glen Nelson Collection

Class of 1954: Princeton High School First Graduating Class . Walter H. Martin is Principal.
2004.003.003  Walter H. Martin Collection

May 30, 1935:  Kickapoo Plaza opened for business. The amenities include: Camp grounds, café, grocery,  service station, auto accessories, and a bar. Located at the intersection of Minden-Shreveport and Benton-Bossier City roads (Highway 80 and Benton Road.
Plain Dealing Progress
   Plain Dealing Progress: May 30, 1935

Kickapoo Plaza Courts
Kickapoo Café on Benton Road in Bossier City opened in 1935 and closed in 1984
2006.034.006 & 2006.034.006-2 Neill Yarorough Collection

 1950: Original Postcard of Kickapoo in Bossier City, Corner of Highway 80 and Benton Road.  The Kickapoo Plaza Courts consists of 94 cabins, 6 types of Trailer Parks, Service Station, and Café.

May 31, 1964Airline High School received the mascot name of the “Vikings” 
The Student council submitted a list of names for the classmate, the majority voted “Vikings” . The school’s colors were chosen the dame way: Columbia and Navy Blue

The Times: May 31, 1964

1960’s Airline High School  
First principal: Bob Hornman.  First athletic coaches; John Ropp, head football coach and athletic director:  J.C. Howell, basketball coach;  and Jack Gray football assistant coach.  The Times: Feb 21, 1964.          1998.047.180A  Bossier Chamber of Commerce

First row R to L: Pete Geren, Priscilla Estess, Marcia Griffin, Secon Row: Kim Garthwaite, Lani Ray, Jennifer Hennen, Mike Wirt, John Piazza.  Third Row; Jane Isler, Kay Lynch, Katie West, Lee Thomas, Carmen Eatman, Jane Foreman. Fourth Row: Carl Adkins, Mary Fo Potter, Donna Wright, Martha Thomas, Thrisha Dvorak, Jane Cooper, Gary Dunlap.  Fifth Row: Pattie Adams, Rudy Estess, Nancy Wendt.     1965 Airline High School Yearbook

1965: Airline High School Yearbook

Temporary Student Council: sets policy, adopts first constitution and  traditions for coming years.
Members-At-Large (Standing) Carman Eatmen, Connie France, Kay Lynch, Jennifer Hennen.  Officers: (Seated) Ray Dunn, Chaplin; Donna Wright, secretary; Jane Isler, Vice-President; Nancy Wendt, President; Pattie Adams, Treasure; Bobby Martenson, Parliamentarian .
 1965: Airline High School Yearbook

Student Council elected for the coming year: Front Row (L to R) Ina Williams, Molly Roth, Beth McKenzie, Anita Spratt, Linda Allen, Nancy Wendt, Ralph White, Meta Lynch. Larry Sutton, Diane Rape, Carol Clugston.  Secon Row: Cindy Manning, Brookie Hudson, Karen Abercrombie, John Piazza, Pat Cobb, Nancy Tuck, Connie France, Kathy Fearns, Kathy Stewart, Kay Lynch.  Third Row: Linda Swan, Carmen Eatmen, Gary Dunlop, Kirk Matthews, Linda Moore,  Tom Daniel, Jane Isler, Ronnie Miley, Jennifer Hennen, Sally Dupris.  Fourth Row: Vicki Ates, Marsha Bryant, Leigh Hyudson, Randy Wendt, Johnny Thomas, Sharon Perdue, Lance Beckett, Annette Ivy, Nancy Elrod, Wynette Horton.  Fifth Row: Patti Adams, Ray Dunn, Steve Smits, Bobby Martensen, Becky Allen
1965: Airline High School Yearbook

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