Saturday, February 1, 2020

This Month In Bossier Parish History

February: Through the Years!

Feb. 2020: High School Baseball/Softball season starts!

1937:  Elm Grove's Baseball team.  
Members are identified but are in 
no particular order:  R.T. Canico, 
Bubba Elston, George Horton, 
Clarence Hutto, James Johnson, 
Robert Johnson, Marshall McCall,
 O.B. Mobley, Roy Pilkinton, 
Nabors Ritch, Jimmy Robinson, 
R.L. Shaver, and J.L. Smith.
2009.036.004 Phipps Collection

1981 Bossier High School Baseball: 
Row 1: Robbie Ford, Blaine Rudock, 
Warren Beene,Billy Stevenson,
Ken Seanard, Tom Barteet.  Row 2: 
Tom Dowdall, John Rudock, Martin Lopez, 
Lee Moore, John Nicholson, Paul Fish.  
Row 3: Dudley Parker, Jim Branton, Al Cason,
 Jim Livigni, Steve Parmer, Marvin Lopez,
 Kerry Phillips.
Coach McHalffey (not shown)
1981: Bossier High School Yearbook

Feb. 2, 1930: Southland Theatre  showcased their first “talking’  program  featuring “Street Girl” staring Betty Compson. 
Feb. 1, 1930 Shreveport Journal

Barksdale Blvd. In 1952 or before.  Southland Theatre ‘s 
sign can be seen in the upper left corner
1998.047.264  Bossier Chamber of Commerce Collection

Feb. 5, 1931: A Red Cross Chapter for Bossier Parish was 

1952: Miss Malone taking Mr. Wayne Schwietzer's 
blood pressure at the Blood Drive on May 29, 1952.
1998.047.206  Bossier Chamber Of Commerce Collection

Feb. 5, 1931
Bossier Banner

Feb. 24, 1843: Bossier Parish was formed.  Celebrating 177 years!!!
Bossier Act
1999.032.006 Touchstone Collection

An act to create a new Parish in the Parish of Claiborne to be called Parish of Bossier
Sec 1st} Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Louisiana in General assembly convened. 
"That all that portion or tract of Country in the Parish of Claiborne bordering on Red River and bounded as follows to wit. 
Starting at the mouth of Loggy Bayou on the western bank of said Bayou, thence following the shore of said Bayou to Lake Bistineau thence up along the shore of said Lake to Bayou Dorcheat, thence up along the shore of said Bayou to the line between the State of Arkansas and Louisiana thence west on said line to the Eastern Bank of Red River, thence down along said River to the point Starting shall form a separate Parish to be called the Parish of Bossier"
(Signed) C. [Charles] Derbigny
  Speaker of the House of Reps. 
                                                                           (Signed) Felix Garcia
                                                                                           Pres. of the Senate
                                                                            Approved February 24th 1843
                                                                            (Signed) A. [Alexander] Mouton
                                                                                    Gov of the State of Louisiana

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