Wednesday, July 1, 2020

This Month In Bossier Parish History

July: Through the Years!

July 4, 1912:  The annual Alden Bridge 4th of July celebrations announcements were made.  Providing entertainment and barbecue for all visitors

Bossier Banner
27 Jun 1912

C. 1910s: Fourth of July Dance at Alden Bridge
1997.054.119 Findley Collection

July 14, 1887: A Parish Agricultural Society was organized
Bossier Banner
14 Jul 1887

Farmer's Cooperative Meeting held in Benton in William Clement
 home in 1927.  Man in leather jacket incenter is Eli Whitley.
  In second row, second from right with slicked hair is John C. Merritt. 
 John Thomas Merritt is standing, second from right.  Emmett Jones, Sr.,
 wife Mary Lee Jones, and baby Emmett Jones, Jr are in front of picture
 frame on back wall.  Arthur Jones is 
standing in doorway, wearing black.
1998.081.093   Carol Young Collection

C. 1900—1910:  "Building Red River levee"  
men constructing levee with mules 
0000.004.119  Scanland Collection
Unidentified man on a mule
 (in Bradford family photos)
2002.035.223D      McKim Collection 

July 15, 1920: 100 years ago today   
    · A friendly game of baseball was played between the Linton and Rocky Mount boys.
 · Male school bus drivers made $75 per month.
July 15, 1920: Bossier Banner
C. 1910-1920s : Early baseball game. 
 in the Plain Dealing vicinity.
1997.054.050 Findley Collection

July 15, 1920: Bossier Banner
C. 1920s: These buses, or transfers as they were 
called, carried approximately 200 students to 
and from Haughton school. The transfer with the
 boy leaning against the fender was driven by 
D.A. Horton, Jr. of Fillmore, Louisiana. 
Early  Bossier School Buses
One is marked "Haughton High School"   

Jul. 22, 1880:  Judge John Watkins made the announcement that the construction on the Shed Road has resumed with the intention to push it to a speedy completion. Mr. William Manly said, “the entire work will be completed to the mouth of Dillard’s lane in less than two months.”  The  Shed Road will bring a vast amount of cotton and trade to the markets from North Louisiana and Southern Arkansas.  

1895; Historical map showing location of 
shed road 1873-1887, highlighted on red
 is the covered 9 mille Shed Road 
extending to the Red River. 

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