Monday, April 23, 2012

1929 Letter to the Planters' Press

A letter addressed to “Commercial Club, Bossier City, La.” was directed to The Planters’ Press for answering. The May 18, 1929 issue of that paper printed the inquiry from Hamburg, Arkansas, as well as The Planters’ Press answer. The letter’s message was: “Will you please send me descriptive literature of your city, population, water, rents, health, etc., etc. I will appreciate your information very much. P. S. How far are you from Shreveport?” The response was: “Dear Madam: Your card addressed to the Commercial Club of this City was turned over to us for answering. We haven’t at this time a Commercial Club neither a Chamber of Commerce to take care of correspondence of this nature, however, it gives us much pleasure to give you all the available information we have in our records at this time. We do have one of the best Lions Clubs in Northwest Louisiana meeting twice a month, the luncheons at these meetings are prepared by the different churches in the city.” “Bossier City is situated on the banks of the Red River just across from Shreveport. The river is the dividing line between Bossier City and Shreveport, also the two parishes, Bossier and Caddo. The population of Bossier City is 4,000.” “Our chief interests is [sic] oil refining, Fertilizer Manufacturers and Agricultural Commodities.” “This Red River land is known throughout the Southwest for its vast production of good cotton, especially long staple. This land will grow any kind of vegetation known to the farmer today, and can be successfully cultivated at small expense.” “The Louisiana Oil Refining Corporation maintains and operates one of the largest refineries in Louisiana right in our city and employes [sic] nearly 1500 men. We have a new $100,000 ice plant just completed, a $300,000 Acid Plant practically ready to start operation. One large Fertilizer mill and two large cotton oil companies. A brand new $100,000 Municipal Hall and one of the largest and best equipped high schools in the state. Will have, within the next six months, the beginning of the Third Air Attack Wing of the United States Army, which will require 22,000 acres. This along will mean prestige and buying power for our city and parish within the next few years. Bossier City has several miles of street paving, a fire system with a call box on each corner, street lighting system, which includes white way lights in the business district, excellent drainage and sewerage system, cheap rents and water rates.” “The Planters’ Press and its directors extends an invitation to you, to visit our city and assure you of a welcome visit.”

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