Wednesday, January 10, 2018


The Bossier Banner-Progress proclaimed the virtues of Plain Dealing in its January 1, 1959

"Plain Dealing, the simplest name for Golden Rule, passed on from Gilmer’s plantation to the
incorporated village in 1888, has continuously been the guiding motto in the minds of her
citizenry since that day.”

“Today, January 1, 1959, we are that same municipality, a fast growing town, featuring that
principle in the greatest trade expansion in its history. There seems to be a real upsurge in the
enthusiasm of all our business firms and with a real appreciation for the growing sentiment
among our people that home trading is by far better especially when we have all commodities
easily available and at prices that are certainly not excelled for savings.”

“By way of diverging, it seems that just the wear and tear from Benton north, by far over
balances any savings that could be found on the ordinary household buyings. In this matter we
checked with the best prices offered in Shreveport metropolitan area and the balance seemed to
fall in favor of Plain Dealing.”

“It isn’t a case of people being strange. They, like all of us, like to be appreciated and that is just
what adherence to the Golden Rule ideal implies.”

“In talking to one of our hustling young businessmen recently, he said, ‘Mr. Phillips [F. G.
Phillips was the editor of The Bossier Banner-Progress in 1959] we really appreciate the new
business we are receiving and we do our best to make them know it. We just like new friends,

“We predict that this new year will be the greatest in Plain Dealing history in which event we all
should be more grateful and in humility offer our thanks to a beneficent Providence.”

To learn more about the captivating history of Plain Dealing visit the Bossier Parish Library
Historical Center.
By: Ann Middleton

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