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The June 23, 1955 issue of the Bossier Banner-Progress addressed the topic of part of Bossier Parish becoming an addition to Shreveport.

“What is believed to be one of the most unusual proceedings known in this area has been taken to make it possible for a city in one parish to annex property located in the adjoining parish.”

“The Free State Plantation, now converted into the Free State subdivision which is on the west side of Red River, but still a part of Bossier Parish, is scheduled soon to become part of Shreveport.”

“Last Wednesday, Arthur Ray Teague, as chairman of the planning committee of the Bossier Police Jury, affixed his signature by authorization of the jury, to a plat map of the subdivision which is slated for a $25,000,000 development.”

“Under the terms of a covenant the entire subdivision of several hundred acres will be devoted entirely to industrial and commercial use. No residence will be permitted.”

“It was on the basis of this covenant that the jury approved the annexation plan. Residences would oblige the parish to provide school and other facilities to residents. If the area is commercial no such demand would be made. Being on the west side of Bossier City providing facilities for schools would be costly and inconvenient.”

“When Bossier Parish was created, Red River as it then existed was made the boundary. However, the river changed its channel eastward leaving the Free State area and many hundreds of acres on the west side. This remains in Bossier Parish although it is adjacent to Shreveport. Part of the cut off portion of Bossier on the west side of the river is in the Shreveport municipal airport. The Free State Plantation is the property of the W. F. Taylor heirs and is adjacent to the airport.”

“The big project is being promoted by the Free State Development Company.”

“There is another peculiar situation existing even closer to the heart of Shreveport. There is a small area on the west side which is virtually surrounded by Shreveport property but which is still in Bossier Parish. So far no solution of this has come about, although the owners of the property wish to develop it and make it part of Shreveport.”

1915 construction of  the old Traffic Street Bridge
“Another unusual situation now existing is the fact that the city of Shreveport owns a portion of
Bossier City. This is located on the east end of the old Traffic Bridge. When the bridge was
built in 1914 it was a joint project of Shreveport and the Bossier Police Jury. Later the parish
sold its interest in the bridge. However, there is about 4 acres of ground bought jointly at the
time of construction to provide earth fill which is still jointly owned by Shreveport and the
Bossier Police Jury. Each owns a half interest of about two acres. This was brought to light a few years ago when oil was discovered nearby.”

By: Ann Middleton

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