Thursday, March 1, 2018

Bossier Parish History Month

March, throughout the years!

March 7, 1838: The Red river was cleared of the Great Log Raft by Captain H.M. Shreve.
                          March 1, 1873 , the Great Raft was cleared again. 

Steam Boats on the Red River Circa 1900's
0000.001.063 - Bossier Parish Library Collection
March 1862: The Bossier Cavalry was organized.
John M. Arnold was a member of the Bossier Cavalry.
1998.067.020 - Dale Jennings Collection
March 1870: Benton's first Post Office opened.

March 1895: The Nathaniel F. Dortch (built in 1889) sank in 5 feet of water, several newspaper articles have a pin-point location, which indicates around Ninock Lake. This would make the second wreckage in the same year, first was Jan,1895, and was back in operational condition after being raised and repaired.  
Replica of the Steamer, Nathaniel F. Dortch
1999.053.047.048 - Scott Brandt Collection
Ninock Lake
1999.053.060 - Scott Brandt Collection

March 27, 1919: Wooden plank sidewalks were being replace with grave.
The Bossier Banner
 Wooden plank sidewalks can been seen a long the side of  the Bank of Benton, circa 1900's
0000.004.001.051 - Scanland Collection

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