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The Plain Dealing Progress announced in its May 9, 1935 issue that : “The Plain Dealing community will have one of the best string bands in the south within the next few months if the plans that are now under way materialize. This community band is to be made up of all types of musical instruments and will be under the direction of the Wilholt String Band of Hope, Arkansas.”

“The Wilholt String Band is made up of three members who are able to play any type of musical instrument, wind or string. These people have given several recitals in this community and their music has been deeply appreciated by all who have had the opportunity to hear them.”

“The music lessons are taught at the amazing low price of 25 cents per lesson. The lessons will be given each week and individual lessons will be given to each member of the music school. Later in the series of lessons, all members will be brought together once each week for lessons in group instruction.”

“Charles Kelly and his brother who live in the Alabama settlement have taken lessons under the director of this band when they were teaching at Hope, Arkansas. After twenty lessons these boys are able to play the violin and guitar. They have been playing with the Wilholt Band here in Plain Dealing. Mr. J.C. Wilholt, manager of the band, states that all students that they have are able to play their instruments by note after taking twenty lessons.”

“A special drive is being made in the Plain Dealing community to get as many people as possible to enroll for instruction. All ages of students will be accepted in the school. Many people in Plain Dealing are able to play some kind of musical instrument and if this talent can be brought together and moulded [sic] into form, a folks band can be developed that will be of considerable importance.”

“Instruction will begin on the fourteenth of this month. Classes will be taught at the school building or one of the churches in town. Anyone interested in enrolling in this school should get in touch with A.E. Robinson, agricultural teacher at Plain Dealing.”

To find out more and to hear a recording of the North Louisiana String Band visit the Bossier Parish Libraries History Center.

By: Ann Middleton

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