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This Month in Bossier Parish History

This Month in Bossier Parish History

October: through out the years

Oct. 3, 1895: Benton High School had an attendance of 45 pupils and was under the direction of Prof. A.S. Dale.  

Bossier Banner: Oct.3, 1895
1900 Benton School
0000.001.039     Bossier Parish Library Collection

Bossier Banner: Oct.24, 1895
1902 Benton School 
 0000.001.039     Bossier Parish Library Collection

Oct. 8, 1908: The recommendation of the Federal Engineers at Vicksburg for the appropriation of $30,000 for the completion of the levee. This was the first levee work accepted by the National Government.

Bossier Banner: Oct. 8, 1908

1900’s—1910 ‘s
"Building Red River levee"  with mules 
  0000.004.118  Scandland collection

"Building Red River levee" 
men constructing
 levee with mules 
 0000.004.119  Scanland collection

Oct. 14, 1859: The Circus is Coming!

Bossier Banner: Oct.14, 1859
Elephant in Plain Dealing Circus Parade. 
Methodist church in background. 
Corner of Mary Lee (Hwy 2) and Lynch Streets.
1997.062.126 Bryce Turnley Collection

Marching band at Dr. Bell's office,  
NE corner of Palmetto Ave. and Lynch St.
1997.062.075 Bryce Turnley Collection

4 horses pulling decorative wagon/calliope.  
Mary Lee Street (Hwy 2) 
Methodist church in background.
1997.062.023 Bryce Turnley Collection   

Two elephants in a Circus parade in Plain Dealing. 
Looking north on Lynch street from Palmetto Ave.

 Riders in carrying flags in Plain Dealing Circus parade
1997.062.093 Bryce Turnley Collection

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