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Aerial view of Barksdale Field 1934
Eunice DeField collection; 2002.027.003
The Plain Dealing Progress announced in its November 1, 1934 issue a daring air show that was scheduled to take place at Barksdale Field on Sunday, November 4, 1934.

“The army air corps’ most daring formation flyers have been given permission to demonstrate tricky close formation flying at Barksdale Field in the charity air show to be staged Nov. 4 it was announced Wednesday by Captain Oliver Gothlin, operations officer in charge of the program.”

“They are Captain Claire Chenault, Lieut. Heywood Hansell, Jr., and Private ‘Red’ Williams, all stationed at the air corps tactical school at Maxwell Field, Montgomery, Ala.”

“Captain Chenault is the leader of the skilled army trio. Daring maneuvers have been demonstrated by them at many of the leading airshows, including the recent Shushan dedication in New Orleans.”

“Piloting three small pursuit planes of the same type as those stationed at Barksdale Field, the three flyers will put their ships through a dozen or more daring maneuvers, flying within arm’s length of each other. Captain Chenault, Lieutenant Hansell and Private Williams have been flying together for the last several years, the enlisted pilot formerly holding a reserve officer’s commission.”

“Besides the thrilling event of these flyers, many other interesting events have been planned to make the air show the most complete military demonstration ever seen in Louisiana. More than 65 army planes will be seen in mass formation, simulated attacks by pursuit on enemy bombardment, aerial gunnery, bombing and trick flying.”

“Proceeds from a small admission charge to the field’s paved hanger way will be divided among the community fund of Shreveport and Caddo Parish and the army relief fund. Special permission from the war department has been obtained for the demonstration.”

Established in 1932, Barksdale Field became Barksdale Air Force Base in 1948, concurrent with the establishment of the United States Air Force as a separate military branch.

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