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Plain Dealing High School 60th Anniversary Birthday Calendar
Mary Rodgers Liberto Collection:2003.035.018
The December 1, 1949, issue of The Plain Dealing Progress urged residents to purchase an unusual calendar.

“In every home in this area it is expected that there will be found one of the 1949, 60th anniversary birthday calendars of the Plain Dealing High School. This calendar contains 1,600 names of your friends and acquaintances, with the month and day of their birth, besides a page containing the names of all those who gave their lives in the great World War II. This list will be found on the June month and is meant to be a permanent record.”

“At once, it should be known that this calendar is what it is called—an anniversary-birthday calendar, and is in no sense to be confused with the usual annual timetable calendars. It should be definitely borne in mind by all that no sheet is to be torn off, as in ordinary calendars. The whole arrangement is planned that even ten years from now you will have the calendar with every month of the year 1949 in it with the birthdays intact.”

“The school had its first year in 1889 and 1949 is the 60th anniversary of that date. So to have made a 1950 calendar would have been entirely out of line for future records. The cornerstone was laid in December 1888, which means that 1889 was the first school year.”

“A unique feature in this calendar is the staggered arrangement. The 1000 copies are divided into 12 groups, one-twelfth starting with January, each other group starting with February, and down the line. In this way, if your name is found, say in July, or any other month, you can select one with that month on the first sheet. This also gives each advertiser the same favor that any other has.”

“The calendars will be in charge of the local school and future announcements will come from there. Now they can get the calendar by the payment of 50 cents.”

“Please remember that no month sheet is to be torn off. It is not at all to be used as a day of the month reference, but as a birthday reference and a 60th anniversary memorial—1889-1949. It is by far the most complete calendar record we have seen and every home should have one.”

To see a copy of this special calendar, visit the Bossier Parish Libraries History Center.

By: Ann Middleton

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