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This Month In Bossier Parish History

June: Throughout the years

Jun. 1, 1956: A new factory opening in Bossier City, The Universal Manufacturing Co. also known as Gym Dandy for their popular playground equipment. It was expected to open in July of 1965. The new factory was under the management of I. Horowitz and J. Roy Parker. Built at a cost of a million dollars, the factory occupied 32,000 square feet, and employed about 75 workers.
Please enjoy the photos relating to the Gym Dandy Co. 


Jun.1, 1956: The Shreveport Times

1965:  the company’s buildings had a total of 240,000 square feet and by the next year they had added 40,000 more feet.   The plant complex covered over 30 acres.  This plant was very important economically for Bossier City. 
Gym Dandy Toy Company, a subsidiary of Gabriel.  Located on Hamilton
Rd. Bossier City, LA
1998.047.181A    Bossier Chamber of Commerce Collection

In the 1930s  young Mr. Isadore Horowitz began making steel swing-sets for neighborhood children.  Mr. Horowitz worked with his father in the oil-field steel supply business, so he had a ready supply of steel pipe.  The first swings he gave away free of charge.
In 1941 Mr. Horowitz and his wife decided to try to sell their swing-sets commercially.  Eventually they invented their trademark name “Gym-Dandy”  which incorporated their daughter’s nickname  of “Andy.”
Apr. 3, 1965: Shreveport Journal

1964: Girl playing on Gym-Dandy Sky Skooter. The first swing-sets were very simple, but Mr. and Mrs. Horowitz soon added new products to their line,  including the famous “Sky-Skooter”.  
The Shreveport Journal
2017.010.003 Irene Giles Collection

c.1950: Gym-Dandy Parkplay playset model number 407.  Playset featured See-Saw, Acting Bars, Swing, Adjustable Trapeze bar. 
2017.010.004 Irene  Giles Collection

Apr. 20, 1966: The Shreveport Times

Mar.26, 1960:  The Times

1960: John Wayne  at the Shreveport Airport . Two  unidentified children sitting  on the Surrey.  Unidentified adults standing around the Surrey.
 2007.036.004 Dement Collection

The Gym-Dandy Surrey was the “outstanding wheel toy of 1959.”  Art Linkletter endorsed the toy on his “House Party”  television show  the same year.  A “Surrey Jr.” appeared by March 1960 and was also endorsed by Linkletter
1999.063.001      City of Bossier Collection

Jun.16: Happy Father's Day!!  
Father's Day was not celebrated in the US until the 20th century.  As a civic celebration in the US, it was inaugurated in the early 20th century to complement Mother's Day by celebrating fathers and male parenting.  There were a few failed attempts on establishing a day for Father's Day.  But on June 19, 1910, a celebration was held in Spokane, Washington by Sonora Smart Dodd, in honor of her father, he was a war veteran and raised six children.  Several local clergymen accepted the idea, and on June 19, 1910 was declared this the first Father's Day.
*Please enjoy the photos of fathers from our parish. 

 1871: Photo of Samuel Whitfield Vance and his children  Samuel Whitfield Vance, Jr. and Mary Boutwell Gilmer Vance. The little boy wears a belted tunic and trousers.  The little girl has a decorative black silk apron.
1998.067.023   Dale Jennings Collection

C. 1890-1900’s: Charles Edward Byrd and his five of his sons.Charles Edward Byrd had 5 sons from his first marriage to Mary Elizabeth Morris Byrd: John Allen Byrd (1866-1937); Jimmy Byrd (died at 3 years old); Eddie G. Byrd (1877-1879); Robert Byrd (1879-1904); and Eddie Byrd (1880-?). He also had 4 sons from his second marriage to Ollie Upchurch Byrd: James Monroe Byrd (1883-1930); Charlie C. Byrd (1884-1928); John C Byrd (1886 - 1917); and Fred O Byrd (1888-1932)

C.1900’s:  Aaron W. and Mary Jane Kirklin with their children:  Sarah Jane,  (Aaron) Daniel, Minnie Susannah and Jasper Whittington Kirklin.
1997.081.019 Shanna Faulik Collection


      1944:  Milton and I. A. Gleason, father and grandfather, seated on steps, holding small children, Betty and M. A. Gleason.
1999.0163.003 Audrey Davis Collection

1950: Otis Johnson  and small child.
2004.012.021  Howard Jones Collection

1974:  Howard Jones with son Howard Jones, III
2004.012.031 Howard Jones Collection

June 29, 1983: In Memory of Joe Delaney

1974: Haughton High School Yearbook


1977: Haughton 
         High School 

Nov.13, 1978: Northwestern State Demons
The Shreveport Times

Jan.14, 1982: Kansas City Chiefs
The Shreveport Times

Oct. 29, 2016: Opening celebrations for a park built in Haughton for the dedication and honor of Joe Delaney: The Joe Delaney Memorial Park 
The community is invited to a grand opening celebration on Saturday, Oct. 29, at 2 p.m. Delaney, a Haughton native, was a two-sport All-American at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches and a Pro Bowl running back for the Kansas City Chiefs. Both teams have been invited to attend the opening.October 12, 2016  Bossier Press Tribune

Oct.12, 2016: Bossier Press-Tribune

 Oct.27, 2016: The Shreveport Times

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