Sunday, December 1, 2019

This Month In Bossier Parish History

December: Through the years

Dec. 4, 1965: The Bossier Parish Restoration Foundation was organized. 
Dec. 9, 1965: The Bossier Banner
Hughes house before and after restoration. 
Price Collection
 Bossier Parish Restoration 
Foundation Collection 

Dec. 22, 1972: Oysters for breakfast: It' s a family tradition.  
The Purcell  family tradition is gathering at the Purcell family home for a 9:00 a.m. breakfast consisting of frird oysters, crackers, coffee or milk. 
What is your family tradition? Comment and let us know . 
*please enjoy photos of the Purcell family.
Dec. 22, 1972: The  Shreveport Times 
C. 1900’s: Purcell family home
 Bryce Turnley Collcetion.

Dec. 24 - 25, 2019: Happy Holidays! From the Bossier Parish Libraries History Center
*Please enjoy the holiday greeting advertisements, photos, and cards from around our parish.

Dec. 23, 1937: Bossier Banner 
Jan. 1940:  "Benton Esso Service, Scarboro's, 
Cypress Lodge Hall #89

C. 1940’s: Tom A. Tidwell, 
Clara Britain Tidwell, Daisy "Doodle"
 (holding a cat) andMarie Brown, 
and Mrs. B.F. Britain
2002.035.167  McKim Collection
C. 1940’s: Christmas Cards to the 
Thomas A. Tidwell family 
from Dr. JB Hall.
McKim Collection

Dec. 31, 1936: Advertisement for the newly opened “Bossier Horse and Mule Co.”
 Dec. 31, 1936: Bossier Banner
*Please enjoy the photos of mules through the years in Bossier Parish.

 Dec. 31, 1936: Bossier Banner 
1997.070.001     Buford Collection

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