Sunday, March 1, 2020

This Month In Bossier Parish History

March: Through the years

March 2020:  Track and Field season beings for the Bossier Parish schools!
C.1940’s: Plain Dealing High school Track & Field Photo. Left to right, first row: Ernistine Rodgers, Bubba Wheeler, James Albright, Clayton ?, and Dwight Keoun.  Second row, left to right:  Unknown, Professor F. G. Phillips, and John Goodman.
1999.047.003 Dodson Collection
1977: Benton Varsity Track Team  Sitting: Ray Revels, Perry Carr, Rickey Hall, Rickey Saxton, Randle Harris, Lorenzo Cook. Kneeling: James Rowe, Darren Harrison, Freddy Powell, Kerry Coker, Sherman Harris, Frank McConnell, Melvin Small. Standing: Scotty Boatner, Roger Nolan, Kevin Goines, Leroy Mikle, Jerry Blake, Fred Turks
1977 Benton High Yearbook

March 13, 1950:  Waller Elementary opened its doors for the first time to almost 600 students.

Waller Elementary School
1958: Waller Elementary Yearbook

Mar. 20th: Springtime is here!
Abney Dell Scanland as a toddler gesturing at a canna lily.
1999.136.031 Flynn Collection

1963: Plain Dealing Dogwood Trail
2003.026.030    Corley Collection

Mar. 31, 1940:  The new Bossier High School was completed and will be opened to the students.
1941: Bossier High School
1999.064.043  Bossier High School Reunion book   
Davidson Collection

1941: Bossier High Graduation Class, was the first to graduate from the new school on Bearkat Drive.
First Row  L to R: Mattie Sutton Breithaupt, Clarice Hearne Foster, Mary Sue Robinson Landino, Marie Spataro Means, Mary Frances Dean, Mary Nell Young, Nora Lee Allen, Joycelyn Smith, Lois Holbrooke Saunders, Patricia Bransford Tennison, Betty Jane Tremaine, Daisy Brown McKim, Doris Parker, Rosemary Neal Hawkland, Claude Booker, Beulah Sykes Paul, Ardis Jackson Brown, Wade Smith, James Bolin, and Joe Lodestro
Second Row: Annabelle Morrison, Tillie Rose Broussard Stoer, Margaret Harrell White, Dorothy Williams Cathy, Margaret Erickkson Parker, Eunice Holt Hilborn, Rosemary Terracina, Anna Laura Spilker, Bon Ava Barnes Moore, Mona Jean Porter Sewell, Buster Wilder, Buster Revels, James Bond, Herbert Nelson, John Balke, J.L. Thomas, Billy Tibbits
Third Row: Nathan Kelly, Frances Holden, Dorothy Little Knapp,  Imogene Johnson Gaiennie, Margaret Stewart, Mabel Logan Graham, Mitchell Fowler, Dalton Jackson, Sarah Glorioso King, Elvie Bell Loftin, Lavethan Carmichael, Sonny  Miciotto, Sybil Potter Woods, Raymond Bond, Forest McFarland, Wallace Reid Gaulden and A.W. Moore
Fourth Row: M.C. Bledsoe, Kathryn Dyson Raymond, Myrtle Ruth Harrison Dodd, Ruth Twosend Dibble, Maxine Guillot Keeling, Bobby Young, Ida Mae Kendricks, Claude Brittian, Jack Causey, J.B. Fincher, George McAnn, Russell Birdwell, O.L. Mulloy, Lawrence L’herisson, and Leonard
1999.064.043  Bossier High School Reunion book   
Davidson Collection
1999:  Bossier High School Reunion Class of 1941 
1999.125.004    Smith Collection   

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