Wednesday, April 1, 2020

This Month In Bossier Parish History

April: Through the Year!

Apr. 4:  April showers brings high water and flooding through out the parish.

Apr. 4, 1945 Bossier Banner
1945: Red River Flood,
2001.009.001 Bourgeois Collection

1945: Brown's house, Atkins, flood
2000.080.009 Collection
1945: Red River Flood,
2001.009.001 Bourgeois Collection 

April 10: Happy National Sibling Day!

C.1900’s: Mattie and Homer Gardner 
in Plain Dealing, Louisiana
2000.071.092  Watson Collection 
c.1920's - 1930's The Marny children:
 Jack, W.D. and Polly
2018.010.116     Corley Coillection

C. 1890’s: Katie and Eva Lawrence
0000.003.019 Pattillo Colllection 
1918: Augustus Walker and 
"Lil" Jim Walker,
 Minnie B. Payne's brothers.
2000.059.024 Payne Collection 

c.1920’s: Eddie and Freddie Chandler 
1999.142.008 Matlock Collection
1977:  Howie and Jonora  Jones 
2004.012.037    Jones Collection

Apr. 24:  Happy National Arbor Day!

 1999: Red Chute Bayou,
1999.053.017  Brandt Collection
Mrs. Douglas Keith shown
planting the first Red Bud tree on
 Barksdale Blvd 

Apr. 30, 1947:  Plans begin for a Chamber of Commerce in Bossier.

The Shreveport Times
30 Apr 1947

1986: construction on the 
Bossier Chamber of Commerce
 building at 710 Benton Road
1998.047.251  Bossier Chamber of Commerce 
1986 Bossier Chamber of Commerce 
Staff standing under a Chamber Billboard.
1998.047.246  Bossier Chamber of Commerce

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