Monday, June 1, 2020

This Month In Bossier Parish History

June: Through the Years

June 1,  1830-1880 and 1900: Marks the day the census was taken.
Bossier Parish was established in 1843.  By the time the 1850 census was taken, the population was 6,962.   In 1860, the population was grew to 11,348 citizens.  As of 2019, Bossier Parish has more than 127, 000 in population.
 *Please enjoy the photos of some early settlers from our parish.

 C.1890’s: Matlock Family Photograph.  (Identifications are written on reverse side. Three men on back row: John (Jack) Matlock, Robert Emmett Matlock,  Charley E. Matlock   (4 people standing to the left of the above 3)  Ella Matlock, Unknown, Strother Matlock (Grandma's father), Maggie Matlock (Grandma's Mother), (3 girls standing, all Matlocks)  Alice, Susan (died young), Ida  (Front Row)  Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, John R. Matlock,  Parthenia R. Matlock, Grover Matlock,  Elvira Holloway
1997.046.002Mike Montgomery Collection

C.1900: Aaron W. and Mary Jane Kirklin with their children:  Sarah Jane,  (Aaron) Daniel, Minnie Susannah and Jasper Whittington Kirklin.  See Geneology notes for birth dates.
1997.081.019    Faulk Collection

C. 1900-190 Zachary Family Reunion
Findley Collection

Jun 8, 1956: Miss Margaret Dell Collins wins the 1956 Miss Bossier Pageant.

Jun. 4, 1956: The Shreveport Journal

Jun. 9, 1956: The Shreveport Journal

      1957: Margaret Delle Collins
1957 Louisiana Polytechnic Institute  Yearbook

Jun.23, 1925: Two fires broke out on both sides of Cane Street (Barksdale Boulevard) destroying buildings and homes in the downtown area.

Jun. 24, 1925: The Shreveport Journal

Jun. 25, 1925: The Times

1920: Cane Street before the 1925 fires. George "Willie" Chambers, , Jr walking down Cain St/Barksdale Blvd.  Before the 1925 fire
2000.061.021 Cardin Collection

Jun.30, 1909:  The first successful oil well was recorded for Bossier Parish. It was 900 to 1,100 feet deep and was drilled by the Gulf Coast Oil and Gas Co. on the Oakland Plantation.    The first oil well was being drilled in the Phelp's Lake bottom five miles west of Plain Dealing in 1907.          Bossier Parish History: the first 150 years by Cliff Cardin  Pg. 104

Jan. 10, 1907, The Bossier Banner

1916: "Pete's Mule Team". Pete Shaver was Charlcye Shaver Skov's father. He lived in Bossier City and worked in Oil City. Ober Teaming Oil Co. and Pine Island Teaming and Oil Co. circ. 1916-18 Caddo/Oil City, LA.  Photo shows 8 mules hooked to a metal barrel wagon (used to move oil), three men (unidentified) are visible in the photo.

2014.049.005  Watts Collections     

Jul. 1, 1909: The Bossier Banner

c.1920's: Oil field workers. It is believed that Will and Frank Hall are the boys in the photo, and that W.E. Hall is the gentlemen holding the youngest boy. 
2014.040.009   Lasiter Collection

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