Tuesday, December 1, 2020

This Month In Bossier Parish History

 December: Through The Years

Dec. 1, 1972: Bossier School Supt. John McConathy announced the new program for an Adult Education Learning Center. 

Bossier Banner: Dec.1, 1972

1974: Bossier Learning Center


Dec.9, 1920: Weekly news from 100 years ago

* Miss Lois Swindle, now teaching at Linton

c.1920-1930's: Lois Swindle

2018.010.097 Corley Collection

* There are 529 automobiles in the parish

c.1920's: Unidentified group of adults and children in a Model T style car. 
2020.019.019   Shirley Collection

Dec.15, 1950: Bossier City business men Arthur Ray Teague, B.E. McCraine, R.V. Kerr and several others formed a sports promotion club called the Quarterback club. 

Bossier Banner: Dec.16, 1950

1952: Patricia Ann Mullarkey, Hop Fuller (Mayor) and Arthur Ray Teague

1998.047.184 Bossier Chamber of Commerce collection

May 5, 1956: Mayor Burgess McCraine, and Shreveport mayor James Gardner presenting Roy Rogers with a key to the city. 


Dec.25: Merry Christmas! Wishing everyone a happy and safe holiday. 

1938: Christmas card sent to Mariece Gleason of Plain dealing

Inside card: Merry Christmas to you. AA day that brings warmth and welcome. A time that keeps each door ajar. Merry Christmas and gay festive greetings. To you wherever you are.   From Loise and Walter


1943: V-mail letter from World War II.  From Private Archie D. Gladney to Mrs. Viola Gladney of Cotton Valley

1998.040.001 Hardiman Collection

1974: Princeton High School


Dec. 20, 1951: Bossier Banner

Dec.22, 1961: The Times

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