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Plain Dealing Library Collection; 1997.031.046
The January 28, 1960 issue of the Bossier Banner-Progress announced that iron ore development was beginning in Bossier Parish.

“After over a hundred years of waiting, iron ore is now being developed in a rather extensive road building program by Roy Cook and son, Shreveport contractors. The development is just two miles west of Plain Dealing.”

“This company has about [a] seventy-five thousand dollar outlay now in this area and further development is seen as a possibility.”

“Just now the program is centered about the W. E. Hall Estate which consists of a half section of land. R. L. Harris, Sallie Ford and others also have holdings contingent to this, with the large Gilmer Estate adjoining.”

“There seems no immediate prospects of development in iron ore mining proper, but the Cook Company now have a rock crushing machine in operation and the iron ore thus produced is the best found about here for high grade road construction.”

“Years ago the late George Gilmer addressed the Lions Club in Plain Dealing on the possibilities of iron ore development and his dreams now have a chance of coming true. With enterprising citizens like the Halls, Gilmers and Cooks taking direct interest in this big field may yet see some extensive development beyond what is now going on.”

More possible development in other areas was reported in the following week’s paper.

“A group of approximately 60 people from many states visited the Plain Dealing area last Friday morning to gather information that may help them in obtaining a watershed similar to the Upper West Fork of Cypress Bayou.”

“This project, sponsored by the Dorcheat District Supervisors and the town of Plain Dealing, is now under construction. The project is a multipurpose one, in that flood prevention, fish and wildlife preservation, municipal water supply and recreational benefits will result in its completion.”

“Mayor Leon Sanders and John Doles, Jr. met the group on Site Number 2 and explained to them many things that can and will be helpful in forming other watersheds.”

“The Plain Dealing Watershed is fortunately one of the first in Louisiana, and is also one of the first of this kind in the nation.”

“Applications for this particular type of soil and water conservation are increasing daily across the nation.”

To find out more about what was going on in Bossier Parish in the past visit the Bossier Parish Library History Center.

By: Ann Middleton

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