Saturday, March 31, 2018

Bossier Parish History Month

April, throughout the years!

Happy Easter!
April 1,2018: (Article is from the Bossier Banner; Mar. 27, 1913): The youth of Pine Grove community enjoyed "Easter Egg Hunt" given by Vey Kendrick and Maude Thompson.

Bossier Banner: Mar. 27, 1913
 Easter Egg Hunt in North Bossier Parish in early 1900s.   

    Red River Baptist Church Easter Egg Hunt...Carol Young collection

April 6, 1888: Mrs. Julia Rule the secretary of Mayor Currie of Shreveport became the first woman to help drive a golden spike for the Cotton Belt Railroad which marked the completion of this railroad . The celebrations were held in Bossier Parish and Shreveport. Mrs. Rule was also a pioneer for women's rights, and columnist for “The Pansy” published in “The Times”

April 6, 1888: The Daily Commonwealth (Topeka, Kansas)

Jan. 23, 1966 The Times

The Plain Dealing railroad depot was built in 1888

Passenger train crossing trestle at Plain Dealing, La.  North of Railroad depot.
 1997.062.037 Bryce Turnley

April 23, 1891: The Bossier Banner removed from Bellevue to Benton.
Bossier Banner: April 23, 1891

The Bossier Banner
0000.004.099    Scanland Collection

Scanland "washing down" the handset type forms of the Banner
0000.004.166   Scanland Collection

The Bossier Banner moved here from the old location.  HWY 3 near Bellevue St.
2010.011.095  William T. Packwood Collection

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