Friday, June 1, 2018

This Month In Bossier Parish History

June: through out the years

Census records has been conducted by the United States government since the 1790’s, they are taken every 10 years. The 1830-1880 and 1900 censuses were taken June 1; the 1890 census was as of June 2 .
1850; Bossier Parish Census record for population was 6,962, (
2017; Bossier Parish Census record for population is 127,634.  (PopulationofStatesandCountiesoftheUnitedStates1790-1990.pdf)

Hershel and Geneva Wyatt:
Cliff Cardin Collection

Jun. 16, 1955Bossier Banner pg 4a . Plain Dealing will become the “crossroads of northwest Louisiana” when miller’s Bluff bridge is formally opened June 20th, 1955. It will be the first bridge over the Red River north of Shreveport.
The Miller’s Bluff Bridge was about a mile north of HWY 2 between Plain Dealing and Hosston and bout a mile below the old Miller’s Bluff Ferry.
Miller’s Bluff Ferry: This picture was taken by John H. c. 1910.                    
Beulah Findley Collection         

Miller’s Bluff Bridge: Bossier Banner; Jun. 16, 1955

William Coody Ferry : On the Red River
Mr. and Mrs. Paul  McKim Collection

Unknown Ferry: c.1920
2003.026.066 Mary Wheeler Corley Collection

June 19, 1843: On this day, the first meeting of the Bossier Police Jury was held with William Burns presiding. Police Jury members were: William Crowley, Isaac Lay, B.J. Williams, Joseph Graham, John C. Scott. (served has clerk).  The Appointed attorney was Andrew J. Lamton and J.A.W. Lowery for constable.  In 1843 the Parish seat was established in town of Freedonia, by the in of the year the town was renamed “Bellevue”.  In the 1890's, the Parish seat was  moved to Benton.

 Bossier Parish Courthouse:  Bellevue, built in 1853
Scanland Collection

Bossier Parish Courthouse: Benton, c.1900’s
Bossier Parish Library Collection


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