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This Month In Bossier Parish History

                   June: Though the Years

Jun.2, 1960:  One of the oldest land-marks was being torn down in Plain Dealing, the two story home of  Mollie Banks Gray.

Mollie Banks Gray Hotel built about 1890.
Two story house in Plain Dealing, La with trees obscuring front.   Section on right projects forward.  Porch with gingerbread to the left.  Picket gate.

1997.062.028 Turnley Collection

Apr. 13, 1947: Mollie Banks Gray's 85th birthday. Includes J.T. Manry and unidentified friends

2003.026.020 Corley Collection

Jun. 1921: Weekly news form a 100 years ago
  • Haughton Town Council was busy trying to get things in shape, visible results were repair of the well and work of the roads.
C.1900’s   This unique picture of Haughton, Louisiana, was taken in 1910, from atop the church bell tower.A wagon loaded with a bale of cotton proceeds to the railroad depot. the three-story building in the center is the Crume Hotel. At the far left is the store of T.H. Lawrence, which was the last surviving building, until 1997, when it was dismantled. the white house on the right would burn in the 1950's. Behind it is the Edwards' home, which would burn in the 1990's. Fire has been a strong enemy of Bossier Parish's early homes an towns.
000.003.033 Pattillo Collection

  •  A fusillade  (series guns firing) of shots and ringing of the church bells gave warning of fire at the Boggs' home.

Benton Boggs Home.
Home of Benton Boggs, 1st mayor of Plain Dealing. Queen Anne-style house with elaborate gingerbread and unusual cap on chimney.
North West Corner of Palmetto Ave. and Perrin St. Plain Dealing, Louisiana. 

1997.062.072 Turnley Collection

  • The Brushy boys challenge the Linton boys to a ball game, final score 62 to 2, in favor of Linton

Top Photo—Linton School: Emma Scarborough Lawson, Marie Lay Bumgardner, Belle Dalrymple Jenkins,  Anna Pilkinton Finnis (?),  Evie Thomas Richardson, Ida Jones,  Bob Bumgardner, Charlie Jones, Wilburn Dalrymple, Alton Dalrymple Smith, Ethel Dalrymple Ryan, Sadie Lay Dooley, Gladys Bumgardner Birdwell, Claudia Bumgardner Boylston,  Mary Belle Dalrymple Lane,  Ula May Denning Copeland, Robert Jones
1998.081.005     Young Collection

Bottom Photo—Old Brushy School
2001.025.026Rodgers Collection

  • Lyles Wyche was employed at the Transcontinental Oil Company.

C.1910’s: Three boys (Harry, Lyles and J.W. Wyche) standing by their calf-drawn wagon.  A dog sits in the wagon.
Location, north Palmetto Ave looking north east from Cham Wyche house. 
1997.062.062      Turnley Collection

  • William Bounds motored over to Minden.
These are the 5 sons of William Arthur Bounds and Nancy Elizabeth Watt. 
William Henry Bounds born 1890, James Murph Bounds born 1892, Walter Albert Bounds born 1893, Howard Franklin Bounds born 1985, and Chiga A. Bounds born 1897.
The boys had six sisters.

June 17th: Happy National Mascot Day!
    Recognizing the luck they bring to teams, franchises, and more, National Mascot Day celebrates            these iconic figures on June 17th each year.

Airline Vikings: Percy Ashley
1978: Airline High School Yearbook

Benton Tigers (Beth Sirman and Kathy May)
1970: Benton High School Yearbook

Bossier Bearkats: Judy Nichols and Mary Compton
1958 Bossier High school Yearbook


Haughton Bucs: Charity Rankin
1992 Haughton High School Yearbook

Parkway Panthers: Cindi Allbritton and Cathi Disbrow
1973: Parkway High School Yearbook

Plain Dealing Lions: Connie Walker
1969 Plain Dealing Yearbook

Jun.30, 1929: A year after the original Cottage Grove Church was destroyed by fire, the first service in the new building was held on Jun.30, 1929.  The new building was made possible by the contributions of Mr. John H. Milling, family members and the community of Cottage Grove.  

Photograph of original church at Cottage Grove taken 6/20/1928. This church burned and was replaced with small brick church. Cemetery can be seen in background.

2001.052.083  Saucier Collection

C.1950’s-1960’s: Cottage Grove Memorial Presbyterian Church 

2003.026.027Q Corley Collection

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