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This Month In Bossier Parish History

 October: Through the year!

Oct.1: It's National Poetry Day!

* Please enjoy some of the poetry from a few of the citizens from our parish. 


Oct.14, 1928:  Land in Bossier City was inspected and found satisfactory for the new location of the south's largest airport. The location for the new attack wing of the nation's air service (Barksdale Field/Barksdale Air Force Base) could bring in 3,00 airmen and 500 officers.

*Please enjoy the newspaper article and photos.

14 Oct 1928

The Times

Barksdale Field before construction in the 1931

2011.053.001-36 Hardin collection


1937: Barksdale Air Force Base, on Barksdale Field in 1937. A Presentation of Colors to General Martin is pictured.

2002.027.004 DeField Collection

 Barksdale Air Force Base B-18 Plane.

2002.027.001 DeField Colection


1934: Barksdale Air Force Base, Barksdale Field.

2002.027.003 DeField Collection

Oct.19, 1977: Parkway Panther's news from 40 years ago. 

        * All clippings are from the Oct. 19, 1977 issue of the "Panthers' Print" and the photos are             from the 1978 Parkway High School Yearbook  

  • Panther’s Print newspaper staff

· 1977-78 Homecoming Court

· Mark Thomas sews his apron

· Girls volleyball wins over Bossier: 15-9

·  Football: Parkway vs Bossier, the Panthers takes the win: 14-7

· Panthers’ featured athletes of the month:  Kevin Wood and Mark Thomas

· P is for Personality: 1977 Panther Personalities were David Saylors and Maureen Meredith

· LSY’s “Most Outstanding Member” award goes to: Robert Ray McKellar, Diana Dahlberg and John Long

Oct. 27, 1921:  Weekly news from 100 years ago. 

            * the weekly news are form the Oct.27, 1921 issue of the Bossier Banner and the photos                 are from our database

  •  Beulah Dennis spent the week with her daughter.

    Beulah Cornelius Bass Dennis, and baby is Doris Gleason.

  •  Linton Community: The hour of singing was change from 8 o’clock to 3 o’clock. The   reason being, it is getting cold at night.

    1908: Students of Linton School, Teacher Miss Emma Hulme.

  •  Miller’s Bluff School was progressing nicely with 40 pupils enrolled.

    C.1900’s: Millers Bluff School

  •  The Plain Dealing cotton gin would only be operating on Fridays and Saturdays due to the   closing of the season.

    Cotton Gin, Plain Dealing

  •  One of the big features of the fair was a free airplane ride.

    c.1900's: Early airplane which offered rides at the State Fair.  Plane was kept in the center of the Race Track.  One view is of plane flying.  The other view is of plane on the ground.


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