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This Month In Bossier Parish History

 November: Through The Years!

Nov. 1: Happy National Authors Day!

Bossier Parish has some amazing authors! 

All of the mentioned authors’ lives, lived, or is affiliated within the parish of Bossier.  Their books are also available for check-out or reference use at the Bossier Parish Libraries.

Gypsy Damaris Boston 
  • Pink Hair 
  • Hurry before the magic ends 
  • Dear Louisiana...Love Gypsy 
  • Rainbow Fairies

Jeffrey S. Girard
  •  The Caddos and their ancestors : archaeology and the native people of northwest Louisiana
  •  Caddo connections : cultural interactions within and beyond the Caddo world   *co-authored with: Timothy   K. Perttula, and Mary Beth Trubitt.
  •         Plus several articles

Clifton D. Cardin

  • Bossier Parish headstones : a complete inventory of all known cemeteries, family plots, and lone burials
  • Bossier Parish history, 1843-1993, the first 150 years
  • Bossier Parish
  • Doing research in the Bossier Parish Courthouse : a guide to the resources and materials within the Bossier Parish Clerk of Courts Office in Benton, La.
  • Proud to be in Bossier : a retrospective

Bertha Cooper Harris
Book: The Courage to Rise Again
She is also an amazing artist.

Yarborough, Neill A. (Col.)
Book: History of Bossier City, Louisiana, from the early years (1833-2006)


Adams McDainels
Book: Hotshot Bernie

Taneka Fuller
Book: Taylor’s Strawberry

Gene Baratitini
  • The history of the Bossier City Fire Department : (1925-2005)
  • Duty calls : Bossier City firefighters' historic Hurricane Katrina search & rescue and EMS mission

Nov.11: Veterans Day
        To all military personnel past, present and future, thank you for your service!
* Photos are of Bossier Veterans
William Gaston Boney (b.Aug. 29, 1898) in Naval uniform. C. WWI 
Registered for the draft in Forbing, Caddo Parish              
1997.004.006 Railey Collection

1943: Ausbon Leon Stokes in uniform sitting on bench  

1940’s: Claiborne Sykes  
2019.045.112   Jones Collection

1940’s: Richard Roark Bradford (1932-2002) in naval uniform.  
Back says: "Guess who?" and is addressed to 
Mr. SJ Bradford of Mooringsport, LA 
2002.035.201 McKim Collection

1916: William Hollis Bradford, trumpeteer, Troop R. 6th Cavalry 
2002.035.206  McKim Collection

Nov.13, 1905: The death of Lucille Mercer

Tells of Lucille Mercer and the Taylortown Tower 

Taylortown Methodist Church has experienced more than its fair share of catastrophes before falling into disrepair, including three major floods, a fire, and supposed hauntings. The only remnant of the church that still stands is the brick bell tower. Legend has it that at midnight, you can hear the screams of a woman and the tolling bell in the crumbling bell tower.

A true story of lost love and unexpected death surrounds the remains of the church. Miss Lucille Mercer and her fiancé, Jére Burns, were set to marry in December of 1905. Lucille became ill with swamp fever and died in November 13, 1905, just before her wedding day. Her heartbroken spirit supposedly dwells in the bell tower, crying over her misfortune. The Bossier Banner printed Lucille’s obituary and a remembrance poem.

There are a few other haunting tells that circle around the Old Taylortown Tower but this being one of the more prominent,  for the church was built on the land donated by her father, Mr. W.D. Mercer Sr.

Top: c.1900's: Jessie Lucille Mercer (1885-1905, aged 19) and Jere Burns c.1905
       2013.034.049 Antrobus Collection
Middle and Botom: 1889: Taylortown Methodist Church 
                                1966: Old Taylortown Church Tower Elm Grove 

Nov.17, 1921: Weekly news from 100 years ago
        * All newspaper clippings are from Nov.17, 1921 issue of the Bossier Banner, the relating photos are from our database.

Redland School is progressing nicely. 
1920’s: Red Land Graded School.  Plain Dealing, La.
1997.054.009      Findley Collection

Vera King visited home folks on Saturday and Sunday.
1920’s: Vera King 
2000.032.015    Barnett Collection 

J.A. [John Allen] Byrd had some good 1921 ribbon cane syrup for sale. 

Fred Byrd, John Allen Byrd and unknown, 1910 
2002.004.031  Parham Collection 

Plain Dealing community:the post office will closed practically all day for the national holiday.

C.1910’s: Plain Dealing Post Office and Mail Wagons. 
1997.062.167  Turnley Collection 

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