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Hill Crest Memorial Park receiving the Bossier Chamber of Commerce monthly Commercial Beautification Award in 1981.
Bossier Chamber of Commerce Collection; 1998.047.249
In its July 27, 1956 issue The Bossier Press praised Hill Crest Memorial Park for its value to Bossier Parish.

“The Hill Crest Memorial Park has proven to be a valuable institutional asset to all of Ward 2 and Ward 6.”

“The cemetery, located on a beautiful rolling hill tract, has been accepted by scores of Bossier families as their choice of a final resting place. Many families which did not have burial plots in Shreveport cemeteries have reserved plots in the Hill Crest Park, and some who had previously made arrangements elsewhere have sold their lots in order to reserve burial space in the local institution.”

“Interest in Hill Crest has been especially high at Haughton, Red Chute and Fillmore, where residents feel that its perpetual care features offer distinct advantages.”

“There is no cemetery located in the city limits of Bossier City, and Hill Crest was established to fill this need. Most of the residents of Bossier City are from families who formerly lived in the hill lands. To them, a cemetery or burial park must be situated on high ground and should be in beautiful rolling hills. Hill Crest Memorial Park meets all of these requirements.”

“Gracing the tract are large handsome pine trees, well planned drives and beautiful landscaping.”

“President of the corporation which established the park to serve this area is W. A. Gandy of Bossier City, a civic church and financial leader. Mr. Gandy and other leaders in the movement decided in the beginning that Hill Crest Memorial Park should be second to none in beauty and in planning.”

“The park maintains a business office on East Texas Street in Bossier City, where families may make plans at any time instead of waiting until a death occurs in the family, when emotional pressures may prevent wise decisions.”

Hill Crest Memorial Cemetery was founded in 1954 and has offered funeral and cremation
services since 1985. To learn more contact the Bossier Parish Library Historical Center.

By: Ann Middleton

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