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This Month In Bossier Parish History

December: Through the Years
Dec. 1, 1945: The Times: Sawed-off shotgun and nine loaded shells were taken from Henry Methvin, one-time companion of Clyde Barrow of Bonnie and Clyde, following his arrest at a Bossier Night club.  The night before he was arrested in another Bossier night club for fighting.

The Times: Dec. 1, 1945 Image of the shotgun and shells taken from Henry Methvin. 

The Times: March 18, 1945 Henry Methvin goes on trial for the murder of an Oklahoma Officer. 

The Times: Sept. 21, 1935 Henry Methvin granted pardon for betraying Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker. 

Dec. 6, 1888: Pioneer High School's laying of cornerstone ceremony.

Bossier Banner: Laying of the Pioneer High School's cornerstone took place in Plain Dealing.  Dec. 19, 1888.

Plain Dealing School opened on January 1, 1889.  Was divided into primary, intermediate, and high school departments: divided into primary, intermediate, and high school. The school seems to have been opened on the 6th day of January, 1889. This date is fixed upon by an entry in a diary kept by the late Hon. L. T. Sanders, which stated; "Janie went to school this morning".
Original photo of Pioneer High School established c.1888
2018.010.050  Wilton and Mary Corley

Cornerstone of Pioneer High School dated 1888. Stone block from Pioneer High School, engraved with: "Pioneer High School/ Constructed Dec. 19th A.D. 1888/ SJ Zeigler JE Johnston} Founders"
1998.086.001   Plain dealing High School Collection

Dec.12, 1929: James Rodgers from Plain Dealing submits his "Dear Santa" letter to The Plain Dealing Progress. 

James Rodgers' Dear Santa Letter

Second grade class of Mrs. Bessie Caldwell, 1923 Plain Dealing.
Maurice  McCall Collection    

Dec. 17, 1954: Bossier High School’s Christmas Tree was filled with the “White Christmas Plan” where students collected food, clothing and toys to distribute to families in the community.

The Times: Bossier High School students surrounded by presents that where collected for the community. 

Emmett Cope, principal: 
1954 Bossier High School Yearbook. 


Bennett McDowell: 
1954 Bossier High Yearbook  pg. 31

Margie Smith: 
1954 Bossier High School Yearbook pg. 32

Dec. 25, 2018    
Happy Holidays!
from the Bossier Parish Libraries Historical Center

Christmas card addressed to Mr. Harry C. Edwards
2009.044.116 Jeannine Beekman Collection

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