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This Month In Bossier Parish History

 November: Through The Years

Nov. 1, 2020: Happy National Author's Day!

Bossier Parish has some amazing authors! 

All of the mentioned authors' lives, lived or is affiliated within the parish of Bossier. Their books are also available for check-out or reference at the Bossier Parish Libraries.

* Gypsy Damaris Boston                                                                

    · Pink Hair
    · Hurry before the magic ends
    · Dear Louisiana... love, Gypsy
    · Rainbow Fairies

* Clifton "Cliff" D. Cardin

History Center's History Day 2000.  Clifton D. Cardin & Shanna Faulk




  • Bossier Parish headstones : a complete inventory of all known cemeteries, family plots, and lone burials
  • Bossier Parish history, 1843-1993, the first 150 years
  • Bossier Parish
  • Doing research in the Bossier Parish Courthouse : a guide to the resources and materials within the Bossier Parish Clerk of Courts Office in Benton, La.
  • Proud to be in Bossier : a retrospective

* Arthur Lee Ford

Book: When the Whippoorwill Sang

* Taneka Fuller

Book: Taylor's Strawberry

* Marguerite Hudson

1994: Benton High School Yearbook


Book: Whiskey Chitto Woman

* Kay Lottinger

  • One Quirky Bird: The Roadrunner
  • Have You Seen The Roadrunner
  • A Squirrel Named Dave

* Adolf “Wes” Wesselhoeft

Book: Traded to the Enemy 

Nov. 13, 2020: Weekly news from 100 years ago

  • The handsome new home of I.A. (Ira Austin) Gleason is near completion
  • The Adner and Kingston schools were to be combined due to lack of students
  • Everyone has been at the fair this past week that there hasn't been much time for entertainment
  • Mr. S.W. (Samuel Whitfield) Vance will assume the management of 5,000 acre plantation near Monroe

Photo: I.A. (Ira Austin) Gleason
           1999.163.005 Davis Collection

1915-1916 Adner School, left to right (first row) Elmer Treadway, Shrell Busby, unknown, Fred Busby, Frank and Leo Stafflebach (twins), Bynum E. Murphy, Velma Treadway, and Quinton Busby; (back row) unknown, Bertha Mae Treadway, Clifton Busby, George Stephens, Jewel Busby, Marlin Busby, Murtie Rounsavall, Brytha O. Murphy, Louise Treadway, Velnia A. Murphy, and Freda Stafflebach, Elmer and                                                                                                 Velma Treadway were twins.

                                                                                             1999.020.001   Light Collection


C.1910’s: State Fair Midway showing signs for sideshows

1997.054.025  Findley Collection


Left: Samuel Whitfield Vance and Sarah (Sallie) Eliza Vance around 1861. 1998.067.021    Jennings collection

Right: Samuel Whitfield Vance and his children  Samuel Whitfield Vance, Jr. and Mary Boutwell Gilmer Vance.

1998.067.023  Jennings collection


Nov. 19, 1929: Gov. Long receives a letter regarding the need of another bridge across the Red River connecting Caddo and Bossier. The plans were approved and was stated that it would be free of cost to both communities. 

 C. 1931 Texas Street Bridge under construction

2006.034.010 Neil Yarborobough collection


Nov. 26, 2020: Happy Thanksgiving!

Please enjoy the newspaper clippings relating to Thanksgiving. 

Bossier Banner-Progress

26 Nov 1925


 The Times

24 Nov 1963



  Bossier Banner

  27 Nov 1930 


     Bossier Banner-Progress

      22 Nov 1951

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