Thursday, April 1, 2021

This Month In Bossier Parish History

 April: Though The Years

Apr.10, 1988: Bossier Parish Libraries Central Branch had their Open House/Dedication.  Everyone was in the invited to attend the dedication and ribbon cutting. The entertainment was provided by: Shreveport Bossier choral Ensemble, A.T. and Georgia (folk music), Sunshine Generation, Willie the Clown and displays of art work and Native American Artifacts. 

  *Please enjoy the before and after comparison photos of the Bossier City/Central Branch.

Apr.16:  Happy National Librarian Day!

First public librarian in Bossier Parish: 
Elisabeth Williams

Apr.23, 1921: Weekly news from 100 years ago

   *Please enjoy the headlines from the Apr.23, 1921 Bossier Banner and related photos. 

᪇ Shilo School had a successful term with a large portion of pupils being promoted to a higher grade. 

C.1890's: Shilo school, Mrs. R.P. Rodgers (in doorway) was the teacher

😑 Concord School is progressing nicely and is inviting everyone to the school house for a short program. 

1907: concord school, teacher was Mr. Thatcher

💭 A delightful picnic was enjoyed. 

1902: Picnic at Koran Community

😀 J.J. Roberson was an appreciated caller at the Bossier Banner. 

1930-1940's: Morris Roberson & James J. Roberson

Apr.30, 1950:  Bossier Women to observe National Home Demonstration Week. There were over 3 million members of the Home Demonstration Club members through out the United States, Puerto Rico and Hawaii (Became the 50th state in 1959).  Over three hundred of those member were from Bossier Parish. 
   *Please enjoy the photos from the Home Demonstration Club members from our parish.
1954: Home Demonstration Officer: Mrs. B.J. Cannon (Treasurer), 
Mrs. D. Cryer (Secretary), Mrs. J.C. Lee (President), Mrs. M.L. Laing (Vice-President), 
Mrs. H.C. Stinson (Parliamentarian) 

1957: Contestants in the Parish Dress contest
L to R: Mrs. J.C. Lee (2nd Place), ?, Mrs. D.D. Hollis (4th Place)

1958: Mrs. R.E. Briggs, won 1st place on the Sack Dress at the Bossier-Webster Fair. 

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