Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Local Archaeology

When you hear the word, “archaeology,” what comes to mind? Indiana Jones? A guy in a pith helmet and khaki Bermuda shorts in front of the pyramids in Egypt? How about a bunch of folks in jeans, t-shirts and baseball caps who are crouched down in some red dirt in Bossier City, carefully utilizing trowels as they are led by the Regional Archaeologist from Northwestern State in Natchitoches? Yes, genuine archeological research is conducted right here in Northwest Louisiana and even though it’s not (to those of us who live here) an ‘exotic,’ far-off place, the discoveries are pretty amazing: Indian mounds, Native American artifacts from a whole culture named after Bossier Parish, and even a shipwreck from the Civil War preserved by Red River mud. Come learn about local archaeology sites as part of the Adult Summer Reading program, “Groundbreaking Reads” 10 a.m. Thursday June 27 at Bossier Central Library (2206 Beckett St, Bossier City, La.).

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