Monday, June 3, 2013

Photo of the Month - June

June's Photo of the Month (2013.020.003) is not from Bossier Parish, but from San Francisco, California! 

In 1957, the Bossier City Lions Club sponsored the Bossier High School marching band for a parade performance. This photo shows five people in costume carrying a banner that reads "LOUISIANA".  A large crowd is gathered along the side of the street to watch the parade. People are also watching from balconies and windows of the multi-storied buildings. The Bossier High School band is in the top right corner of the photo, marching down the street.


  1. I was a band member and have a photo of the entire concert band. Class of 1958 Jean Reeves Carraway

  2. We would love to have a copy of the concert band photo, Jean! If you're in the area, is it possible for you to stop by the History Center so we can make a copy?