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This Month In Bossier Parish History

 March: Through the Years

Mar. 1, 1951:  Bear Facts!  Getting the inside scoop on Bossier High School students. 
Please enjoy some headlines from the Bossier High School's newspaper "Bear Facts" and photos from the 1950 Bossier High School Yearbook

Bear Facts! Newspaper Staff

Top Photo = Editor-in-Chief: Franklin Fuller, Sports Editor: John Arnold, Advisor: Mrs. Billie  Nix,  Assistant Editor: Evelyn Baungardner
Bottom Photo = Group1: Mary Jane Ramsy, Ruth Pulwers, Jackie King, Gene Thomas, Jackie Bomar, Benny Ray White, Harold Hanson
Group 2: Donita Gothard, Franklin Fuller, Beverly Ratcliff (seated), Mary Louise Murphy

  • Band picks Officers:  President, Harry Stephens; vice-president, Mary Jane Ramsey; secretary, Beverly Clark and band manager, Sammy Green

  • Beverly Ratcliff and Eva Fullilove chosen models by Palais Royal

  • Junior-Sophomore dance at City Hall was a big success

  • The only seventh grader to make the “A” honor roll was: Jo Ann King

  • Boys and Girls basketball teams making the school’s newspaper


Mar.16, 1972: The Bossier Parish School Board announced that Parkway and Airline High Schools were among the 34 high school around the nation to establish the Air Force Reserve Officers' Training (R.O.T.C.) program.  On Apr.27, 1972: with an unanimous vote form the Bossier Parish School Board, Bossier High School would also be awarded with the R.O.T.C program. 

1973: Parkway High School's R.O.T.C.
Top left: CMSgt. Eldon W. Pentecost
Top right: Col. Thomas E. Sledge Jr.
Row 1: Cadet 1st Lt. Armour, Cadet Smith, Cadet 2nd Lt. Wimberly, Cadet 2nd Lt. Owens, Cadet 2nd Lt. Bazo, Cadet 2nd Lt. Horn
Row 2: Cadet 2nd Lt. Toloso, Cadet 2nd lt. Rogers, Cadet 2nd Lt. Watherall, Cadet 1st Sgt Witt.
1973 Parkway High School Yearbook  FIC 2017.004


1973: Airline High School's 
Top Left: Ernest McNair
Top Right: Robert Murphy
First Row: Squadron Commander, S. Schavrien; “A” Flight commander, R. Spooner; “B” Flight Commander, B. Lunsford; “C” Flight Commander, R. Owens; “D” Flight commander, S. Lamette; “E” Flight Commander, G. McNair.
Second Row: Information Officer, M. Markow, Guidon Bearer, S. Winner; Personnel Office, R. Patton; Information Specialist, M. Markow.
Third Row: Material Specialist, B. Crawford; Administration Officer, D. Camp; Finance Officer, M. Gottardi; Operations Officer, R. Carter.
Fourth Row: Deputy Commander, J. Watson; Finance Specialist, D. Arrington; First SGT., G. McAllister; Operation Specialist , S. Phillips; Personnel specialist, B. Myers.
1973: Airline High School Yearbook  2009.021.034     


1973: Bossier High School's R.O.T.C
1973 Bossier High School R.O.T.C:  Flight B
Top Left: Col. William J. Cook
Top Right: CMSGT James W. Chewning
Row 1: Joe Heidecker, John Franklin.
Row 2: David Fontaine, Don Ryder, Darrell Thamisee, Johnny Jacobs, Carolyn Monroe
Row 3: Carter Watson, Jerry Robinson, Mitchell Goins, Franklin Strickland, Willie Walker
1973 Bossier High School Yearbook    2006.007.002   

Mar. 31, 1921: Weekly news from 100 years ago

· The school children enjoyed an Easter Egg Hunt

Red River Baptist Church Easter Egg Hunt.   (Older children/back row  L to R): Steve Maynor, Jim Oliver, Harriet Culbertson, Betty Vos, John Richard Vos, Billy Culbertson, Christine Crouch, Hazel Hamilton, Carol Jones, Audrey Jones, Betty Jean Oliver, Sue Scouze, Billy Lou Oliver, Evelyn Merritt. (Younger children/front row)  Pam Hollier, Babs Hollier, Martha Tyler, Judy Voss ? , ?, Johnny Sconze, Laverne Jones (turned around), Glenda Jones, Shelby Jones, Pee Wee Oliver,  the baby in front is probably Jo Ann Brighaupt.        1998.081.054 Young Collection

· The Gleason & Gleason store was broke into securing a supply of chewing and smoking tobacco 

1943: Gleason family—Peggy at age 23,  
Milton at age 26, Betty at age 3 and 
M.A. at age 1,  standing in
 front of white frame house
1999.163.002  Davis Collection

· W.E. Coyle cuts hand with an ax while chopping  wood

C.1910’s: Flint Morgan and W.E. Coyle Sr., in baseball uniforms with "B H" (Buckhouse) on them.     1998.059.003 Collins Collection

· A Rook Party was given by Mrs. J.S. Gray , Mrs. T.M. [Fannie Swindle] Gatlin won a box of Easter candy.

1916:: Fannie Swindle Gatlin in a bathing suit. 
Probably taken while on her honeymoon

1998.073.019  McLelland Collection 

· Mrs. J.T. [Eliza] Manry, stumbled and fell against the out-house breaking her arm 

J.T. Manry wife Eliza Banks Manry and three of their grandchildren- W.D., Jack, and Polly.      2018.0101.041 Corley Collection

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