Sunday, May 1, 2022

This Month In Bossier Parish

 May: Throughout the years!

May 1st: National “Get Caught Reading” month!

Get Caught Reading Month is all about reading books and raising awareness regarding the advantages of indulging in literature. The genres of books you can read include nonfiction, history, fables, etc — the options are unlimited. So get your hands on some books and start reading! 

Photos; Top left: C.1900’s: Mary Arnold (left) and Nettie Dunlavey (right.) Two young women posed for studio photo, reading a book.    1999.127.012B Jennings Collection.  Top right: Unidentified man and young boy are pictured in a living room. The man is sitting down in a floral chair & the young boy is leaning over the chair looking down at a book the man is reading. 2018.038.205 Jones Collection
Bottom left: C.1900’s: Abney Scanland as a young man reading in his sister Mabel's room. 1999.136.005.  Bottom right: C.1900’s: Elias Goldstein and  Jacob Mahne Bodenheimer at LSU 2002.036.020      



May 11th:  Weekly news from 100 years ago.   

*Please enjoy the newspaper clippings from the 11 May 1922 issue of the Bossier Banner

· More new cars are being seen in town.

  • Plain Dealings postmaster, John H. Allen,  takes his first vacation after serving for 12 years.

· Mr. & Mrs. R.E. Wyche announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter Katye (Katie)

  • Big gasser at Bellevue Oil Field

May 30: Memorial day

In honor of this day, may we pay tribute to those who have fallen.  Here are some of Bossier's unsung heroes. 

To all military personnel past, present and future...Thank you for your service. 

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